Who we are

Below you will find details of MPG’s current staff. We are always looking for the right people to join our team, so make sure to take a look at our careers page and get in touch with us.


Martin Millmore - Director

Martin has been involved in geology and planning since 1972. Thirteen of those years were served as Minerals Officer/County Geologist for Cheshire County Council. In 1989 he set up Industrial Minerals Planning which grew to become The Mineral Planning Group Limited.

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Chris Heffernan - director

Chris is involved in all aspects of Minerals, Waste & Environmental planning at MPG. His experience in both geo-environmental research/reporting as well as Minerals and Waste Planning/Permitting mean he is ideally suited to producing the 'complete package' for our clients.


JEssica Morgan-Smith - Principal Consultant

Jessica has been involved in waste and minerals since 2004.  The majority of her career has been in consultancy, with 5 valuable years working within the waste industry.  

Heading up MPG’s waste team, Jessica has a wide experience of planning, permitting, operations, compliance, management systems and prosecution support.

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Mark smedley - Minerals, waste & environment consultant

Originally from an Oil & Gas background, Mark successfully made the transition to Minerals & Waste planning in 2017.  

Mark has brought additional ‘in-house’ geological expertise to MPG.

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Jill Gaunt - Graduate Minerals, Waste & Environment Consultant

Jill is a recent MeSci geology graduate from the University of Liverpool. Jill will be assisting the team on projects ranging from site investigation through to planning policy research.


Julie Harrison - office administrator

Julie has in excess of 30 years experience in the office environment and a wealth of experience in accounting procedures. She is our specialist in keeping things running smoothly.