The Day Minerals Ran Out... (Finding a new site)

An inherent part of operating a quarry is that eventually, despite all of your prayers and best wishes, one day the mineral reserve there will run-out.

It is usually around this point at which most SMEs begin the process of looking for a new site – This has to change.

Whilst we pride ourselves at MPG on being able to source sites, or, land to meet an operator’s needs, it doesn’t (always) happen overnight. For example, 3 recent cases we have worked on, and concluded this year:

·     Dimension Stone Site (Yorkshire): Search = 3 years / Negotiations = 6 months

·     Sand & Gravel Site (South East): Search = 1 week / Negotiations = 1 year

·     Dimension Stone Site (West Yorkshire): Search = 1 week / Negotiations = 3 years

Looking at the snapshot above you might think ‘1 – 3 years to find a site…that’s not too bad’, however, that is only part of the story. 

Unless you are purchasing a fully-fledged, properly permitted & competitive site, there is the planning regime to consider. In our experience, whilst you can go from green-field to consented site in under 3 years, the reality is more like 5.

To save any complicated maths, in real-terms, you should be budgeting a bare minimum of 5 years to source & permit a new site within your portfolio.

So, if your end-date is 2024 or sooner, or, your reserve appraisal has indicated <5 years supply, it is time to get your skates on and get that site search started!

Don't hesitate to call MPG to discuss new site opportunities.

Chris Heffernan - Director

MPG Ltd.