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Founded as The Mineral Planning Group in 1992 by our current Managing Director Martin Millmore, The Mineral Planning Group Limited has gained a reputation as the go-to mineral/waste/environmental consultancy for clear, well informed, 'Plain-English' advice. 

Whilst the Minerals & Waste Industry has changed in the 25 years since our inception, the need for straight-talking & lateral-thinking consultants hasn't. 

Our advice is always bespoke to you.

The foundations of our business (and reputation) are built on our expertise and track-record in gaining planning permission for minerals sites and their associated operations across the UK. 

Nevertheless, as the industry's impact is felt far beyond any one site's consent, we have grown to specialise in all aspects of the UK's minerals and waste planning and permitting regimes: 

From R.O.M.Ps to Restoration and Pre-Apps to Planning Permission, we have got you covered...


I’ve worked with MPG on a number of different schemes, including solar farms, energy storage systems and horticultural developments. Chris’s advice on coal mining risk and land contamination is always straightforward and gets to the heart of any potential problems very quickly and usually within my tight timeframes! I have also recently received a call from the Environment Agency specifically to express how good they found a report by MPG, which is testament to their quality.

— Eleanor Roberts - Oasthouse Ventures


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